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April 2013’s Top 5 WordPress Themes for Business

WordPress is a powerful tool not just for blogging but also for hosting full, interactive, content-rich websites. Web designers are hard at work every month churning out new themes for the rest of us to use and enjoy. Listed below are the top five choices for April 2013. Many of these themes come at prices that are affordable for any business, big or small. Plus, if you shop through a third party like WPWebshop, you’ll find better deals than if you buy straight from WordPress itself.


Interakt makes use of an emerging web design trend called “flat design.” That means that its design does away with the shading and gradients that are common in a number of contemporary websites (think of the shadows and rounded corners of Apple pages). Instead, it’s as if the words and images on the page are lying flat in front of you. Interakt also delivers a responsive and mobile-friendly site that would work great for any business that wants to present itself in a trendy and fashionable manner.


Enterprise by StudioPress provides a clean and simple design with plenty of room for stimulating visual content and user-friendly navigation controls. This theme is designed specifically for businesses, and provides an efficient layout that allows you to display a good deal of information about your business right on the landing page. Enterprise is also ready to be customized with options for multiple post and page layout options, as well as a back end options panel that allows you to customize the theme even further.

Executive 2.0

Executive 2.0 is a stylish theme that includes a large and smart looking features slider at the top of the landing page. The slider allows businesses to highlight their latest or most important projects, and make them visible to their clients right off the bat. The theme is also mobile ready and includes several different layout and color options.

The Practice

The Practice is a new theme designed specifically for attorneys and legal firms. It also involves a large features slider that legal professionals can use to highlight important aspects of their business. The Practice provides a very clean interface with plenty of white space and minimal color use, which helps make your business appear smart and professional.

Welcome Inn

Another industry-specific theme, Welcome Inn is best suited to hotels, resorts, and spas, but can be used for any type of business. Its warm colors and stimulating design create a sense of comfort and ease for the user. This theme actually comes in three unique templates: one for hotels, one for ski resorts, and one for spas. It also comes with several other customizable features including shortcodes and a powerful back end options panel.

If you’re looking for a new theme for your business, or simply looking for inspiration, these sites provide examples of some of the latest and greatest web designs out there. They all provide responsive interfaces that allow for plenty of room to showcase your own rich and engaging content. Live demos of these themes will allow you to try before you buy, so you can find the theme that fits your web site best.

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