11 August 2013 Comments Off on Are Home Security Systems Keeping Up With Technological Innovation? Yes – and Here’s How

Are Home Security Systems Keeping Up With Technological Innovation? Yes – and Here’s How

home-security-storeTechnology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and there are many new innovations that have occurred in home security systems as a direct result. Whether you’re looking into security for your own home or wondering about the upgraded options that are out there, you will find that home security systems are incorporating more and more technology every day. Here are some recent developments in the world of home security systems.

Remote Control for Energy Savings

With all of the innovation in security systems nowadays, there are other ways that you can make your home look much less attractive to an intruder. Acting as a deterrent to potential burglars, security systems that feature energy savings have the ability to link in with household appliances like your television or your air conditioner, and this is a greatly valued capability mentioned by many clients in ADT reviews. If you don’t want anyone to know you’re away on vacation or traveling for business, for instance, you can turn on the television to provide the illusion of occupancy. You can also remotely switch off electronics that you forgot to turn off when you stepped out of the house. If you use the energy savings feature as part of your home security system, you’re not only going to feel that your home is safe, you’ll also have the ability to make it seem like you’ve never left home. Beyond the benefit of house safety and security, energy savings can also help you save on your bills and reduce your energy use by providing you with the ability to check on what might have been left on in your home. It’s important to be aware that if one of your goals in using energy savings is to minimize energy use, you should make sure you’re using an automation system that won’t consume more energy than you’re attempting to save!

Video Monitoring

While video monitoring used to be an expensive form of home security, it has become significantly more affordable with the creation of new types of monitoring software. This means the homeowner has the option to place them in any part of the house for easy monitoring. Providing the homeowner with access to 24-hour live streaming video, this kind of monitoring allows the homeowner to become aware of security issues in real-time and attend to such issues as they arise. With a great number of technological capabilities, you have the option to be notified when anyone enters or leaves the house. These security systems are also easily accessed via mobile devices. You don’t even need to access the computer at your office, since you can observe any location that is videotaped in your house using your smartphone or laptop. With this kind of adaptability, video monitoring is an ideal option for those who are away from their home frequently or travel on business a lot, as they can keep tabs on the security of their home literally from the other side of the world.

Monitoring Your Own Home

As mobile technology is so accessible nowadays, security systems are now even easier to take care of on your own and can be even more affordable because of this. In the event that a home security system detects a problem, modern security systems can now inform the homeowner of the situation instead of the security company. This feature gives the homeowner the choice of investigating the situation or calling the police. The homeowner does not have to pay the monthly fee for the monitoring service that would generally be the party responsible for following up on what triggered the alarm. If you would also rather take security into your own hands and be self-sufficient, this gives you the ability to respond to the situation immediately – and you are not forced to rely on a security company who may take longer to respond. With many security systems being adapted to these modern changes, you won’t have a problem finding one that will allow you to monitor your home on your own so its safety and security are determined by you.

Temperature, Water & Power Failure Detection

Break-and-enters are not the only threat to home security. While the primary function of a home security system is to keep your home and your family safe from intruders, they can also serve other purposes in keeping your home protected. In the case of temperatures below 45 F or above 85 F, water leaks, overflowing sump pumps or a power failure, many modern security systems can detect these changes and alert you immediately. If something does go wrong, this means you will be informed as soon as it happens and you will be able to deal with the situation right away so that the damage to your house can be minimized. As the system will not stop attempting to reach you until it receives acknowledgement, there will be no issue with missing the notification and not being informed of the problem.

Wireless Security Systems

With the development of wireless security systems, the safety of your house is more assured than ever before. Instead of only taking care of windows or doors, a wireless security system will flow through your home much like invisible waves, and is capable of a more finely tuned type of security than most alarm systems. For those homeowners who own an expensive property, wireless security systems are the most popular pick due to the fact that they require a less invasive installation. Capable of discerning even the smallest of movements, wireless systems are proof of the innovation in current home security systems. These wireless systems are also responsible for significantly reducing the occurrence of false alarms.

With all the innovative new options for home security systems, there’s no shortage of features that can take care of your home for the safety and protection of yourself and your family. Whether you’re interested in self-monitoring or looking for ways to control your house from afar, there’s no shortage of innovation in today’s home security systems.

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