27 January 2012 Comments Off on Computer Technology Consulting

Computer Technology Consulting

Mattlogic was conceived with the concept of affordability in mind. In order to make the benefits of appropriate computer technology available to justice-oriented groups and businesses, PeaceWorks provides consulting services based on a sliding fee scale. Actual fees vary depending on the financial strength of the organization. Using a sliding scale, our more financially strong clients effectively subsidize those with less monetary resources and are still able to achieve considerable savings over other computer consulting alternatives.

Mattlogic is located in Livermore, Ca, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We primarily focus our consulting in the following areas but special projects are welcome.

  • Custom computer system builds
  • Hardware & software troubleshooting
  • PC Upgrades
  • Network troubleshooting
  • 1 on 1 instruction of both software and hardware applications tailored to the client
  • Database Customization & implementation for Public Safety Agencies.

We also offer custom services such as:

  • Customization & implementation of audio and/or video streaming of your department’s public safety radio traffic on your website.
  • Sale of antennas, antenna accessories for mobile and base use, along with coax cabling of all types.

We are currently featuring our new product. EMS-SCBA Inventory & Tracking Database is a revolutionary new software program that will track all of your department’s SCBA and peripherals in a very easy, efficient, and cost effective way.

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