29 March 2013 Comments Off on Filing for Bankruptcy? Here’s How Technology Can Help

Filing for Bankruptcy? Here’s How Technology Can Help

bankruptcyMaking the decision to file for bankruptcy is not an easy one. It requires a lot of time and thought, but when you finally decide that bankruptcy is the best course of action for your situation, you should know that there are other options available beyond the traditional ones. It is no longer necessary to hire an attorney if you wish to file for bankruptcy; current technology has made it possible to file by yourself in a variety of ways.

File Online Without Needing to Hire an Attorney

The advances in computer technology have made it possible to file basic bankruptcies online without having to hire a professional bankruptcy lawyer. You are now capable of visiting specially designed sites that allow you to fill in the blanks with the information required and then simply print out the forms and mail them in. Some sites also allow you to file online after you have completed the forms. These are great for personal bankruptcies, but if you are filing for a business or have many creditors, it may be an idea to use bankruptcy software.

Different Types of Software for Different Situations

Bankruptcy software has recently been made available for consumers to learn about proper bankruptcy procedures. This software was designed specifically for bankruptcy attorneys, but as technology has continued to advance there has been a surge in new and affordable bankruptcy software being sold straight to the people filing. The software walks users through the entire procedure and allows filing for a variety of situations, from personal bankruptcy to business bankruptcy.

Software for Bankruptcy Attorneys Speeds up the Process

If you still choose to file for bankruptcy the old fashioned way, you will still see the benefits of new and improved technology. Bankruptcy attorneys use similar, albeit more advanced, software to assist them with filing for their clients. The software they purchase is meant to be used and understood by attorneys so it would be of no use to a standard consumer, but it still allows them to file bankruptcies much quicker than they were previously able to.

When you decide to file for bankruptcy you should look into every option available to you. Some cases require an attorney with years of experience to sort out while other cases can be filed quickly and efficiently by using specific websites or bankruptcy software. If saving money is important to you, then you would probably benefit from using the newest technology to file on your own.

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