5 June 2013 Comments Off on Google Algorithm Updates: 3 Tips To Grow Your Brand Online

Google Algorithm Updates: 3 Tips To Grow Your Brand Online

The landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) is rapidly changing and Google is making more waves and algorithm updates even in 2013. With all of the uncertainty and algorithm changes, one question remains on the minds of many, “Can you grow your brand online”? In light of what’s happening, growing a brand online is very realistic and possible. Staying abreast of all the Google algorithm updates is one way to stay ahead of the curve. Learn how to stay under Google’s radar with the below tips.

Tip #1: High Quality Content

Last year Google rolled out several Panda updates that affected webmasters all over the world. One of the major components of Google Panda was devaluing websites with low quality content. Low quality content means various things such as duplicate content, content written solely for search engine manipulation or short fluffy content providing no true value to the end user. Web page content should contain a minimum of 500 words but ideally the longer the content the better. Don’t keyword stuff articles as less is more nowadays.

Tip #2: Anchor Text

Another tip to follow when looking to grow your brand online is to vary the anchor text. The Google Penguin algorithm update recently hit websites hard for anchor text overuse. Back in the early days of SEO, it was a common practice to include target keywords several times as anchor text within articles and backlinks. Those days are over. Always keep anchor text to a minimum within a piece of content and make sure to hyperlink off variations of targeted keywords and domain names. Try to use the targeted keyword 20% of the time, while using domain names and variations of the keyword the other 80%.

Tip #3: Backlinks

Backlinks are a heated discussion as there are many schools of thought on this subject. The new rule of thumb is to try and get high quality relevant backlinks. There are many strategies on how to go about doing this such as guest posting, blog comments and posting content on aged authoritative web 2.0 websites. One no longer has to build thousands of spammy backlinks to rank a web page.

Google will continue to make algorithm updates throughout 2013. The tips above should be a helpful guide so growing your brand online is easier. The SEO landscape will continue to take shape as Google’s main goal is to provide their end users with only high quality web pages that provide real end user value. Now is one of the best times to build a brand online as the playing field is equal.

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