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Guest Blogging Tips

guest-blogging-benefitsWriting as a guest blogger on another website can be a great way to increase your presence across the web as share information and link readers back to your own website.  When posting as a guest blogger there are important rules you should follow.  Here are a few:

  • Understand the blog you will be writing for and their readership.  While you might have a subject you are interested in writing about it is important to understand the following of the blog and what the typical content is about.  This will help you to create a blog post that both conveys the message you hope to share as well as share it in a way that will reach the current readers.
  • Be honest with the blog you want to guest write for about your experience, credentials, and purpose behind your post.  Before being selected as a guest blogger you most likely will have to introduce yourself as well as the subject you hope to post about.  When working with other bloggers it is important to be honest about your intentions with your blog post.  Do you hope to use your blog post to attract readers?  Do you want to sell a product?  Are you interested in sharing important information?  Letting the blog owner know the reasons you want to be part of their blog is as important as what you will write.  The blog owner should understand who you are, what your writing style is, and your credentials to understand how your blog post will affect their readers.
  • Write the post and let the blog owner read it before posting.  This allows them to understand your content and how it will impact their readers.  When you create a post for a blog as a guest writer it is important to allow them to read it beforehand.  This will allow the blog owner to work with to make any adjustments before the post.
  • Don’t make the focus of your guest post about directing traffic to your own website.  Quality writing will bring readers to your website without pushing it.  When writing a guest post you will be reaching a new audience.  This audience can be influence to visit your own blog or website, but you should focus your post on giving quality information with the links to your own website as more of an afterthought or simple inclusion.  Writing that over emphasizes your website or focuses on diverting traffic is not as effective as quality content can be.

Writing guest posts for other blogs can be a great website promotion tool when used correctly.  It’s important to look for blogs and identify those that are in a similar industry or would offer connections to your business.  When you write be aware of your target audience, how the information you share can relate to your own business, as well as keywords and phrases that will make your blog post more search engine friendly and make it easier to find by current blog readers and others.

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