9 April 2012 Comments Off on Investigating Computer Crimes

Investigating Computer Crimes

When it comes to the safety of your computer, you can never be too safe. There are a number of computer crimes that go on but there are programs and services that can help! Investigating computer crimes doesn’t need to be an expensive thing as there are excellent programs that can assist in tracking down individuals involved in such crimes and stealing your bank account information. It may also be a wise idea to consider hiring a private investigator depending upon the severity of the crime and the damage that it has caused to your personal financial situation. Dealing with computer crimes is difficult as there are so many cyber crimes happening along with a large number of people committing the crimes in foreign countries. It is easy for a person to get away with $500 thousand dollars in just seconds when they have access to your computer and your account information. A private investor will use a number of measures in order to find out where the crimes are being committed and can help in tracking down the offender and bringing them to justice along with helping you to recover your losses. How is a computer crime investigated? Since a computer crime does vary from a “traditional crime” you may be curious to find out how an investigator will be able to find the information and the individual committing the crime. There are different steps the investigator will take such as finding out about the laws of your state along with the amount of property damage that has occurred and misappropriation. The use of computer forensics One method used by an investor is to turn to computer forensics. This does not involve using some black ink to look for fingerprints, it is the study of the hard drive. Using computer forensics the investigator will be able to find out a number of things from email tracking, cookies, coding language installed by the perpetrator, instant messaging, and other things. This allows them to easily pinpoint the location but it also gives them actual evidence against the person committing the crime. Since cybercrimes are hard to prove (based on the lack of physical evidence) it is beneficial to have an investigator helping you to gather as much evidence as possible. Skills to look for In order to know you are making the best decision in hiring an investigator, you need to talk to the individuals that will be working for you. Ask them what type of programming experience they have along with how many other cases they have helped to solve in the past. A good investigator will be able to save your company from losing thousands of dollars from an internal person that may be swindling money. How you can help? Computer crimes are a growing problem and for whatever reason it may be, many computer users do not report the crimes. In some cases people claim it is sheer embarrassment that has caused them to avoid talking about the crimes that have been committed against them. Others have stated that they do not want to see their insurance costs increase because they did not adequate protect company records. It is your job to stand up against computer crime and to push legislators to start doing more. Working with a good investigator is one of the things you can do to protect yourself and to recoup the things that you have lost.

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