29 August 2013 Comments Off on IT Salaries Are on the Rise – Why It’s Time to Get in to Information Technology

IT Salaries Are on the Rise – Why It’s Time to Get in to Information Technology

According to the UK Salary Survey 2013, the salary rate of growth for IT positions in London and the Regions has increased substantially over the past three years. What does this mean for people who are considering a career in IT sectors such as systems, software, ERPs, development, architecture, and change management? This article covers some of the reasons why now is the best time a person can consider getting into a career in the fast-paced and ever-changing IT field.

Watching the Pay Increases in Information Technology

Information technology, better known as IT, is an industry that is booming and has been dramatically hiking up salaries for several years. Some positions pay higher than others, of course, and some of the positions seem to have salaries that are increasing at a faster rate than others. Although all of the salaries have increased to some degree, between 2011 and 2013 the biggest increases have been seen in the following positions: IT systems; ERPs; and the IT infrastructure, network, and security departments.

Seeing the biggest increase is IT systems with an increase from £37,000, in London in 2011, to £59,000, in 2013. That makes for an increase of 59.5% over the 3-year period. Considering the rate of growth in other industries, and seeing how rapidly the growth in the IT sector has been, it is understandable why a person would be interested in the future growth of IT and how it would be a smart idea to look into the potential for a career in one of the many quickly growing specializations.

The Value of Information Technology Professionals

Why are professionals in the information technology sector paid well, and why do the pay rates increase so steadily for employees in IT positions? The answer is simple: information technology professionals are needed now more than ever. Furthermore, IT professionals often have quite a bit of education to back up their expertise, and plenty of hours in their fields add to their value in the industry.

IT professionals help companies thrive and they help individuals do well in all areas of their lives. IT professionals work in such areas as software design and development for software that is used on systems that range from home computers to multinational corporation computers and beyond. IT professionals don’t only design software, though. The IT industry is diverse. People with the title of IT professional may work in programming and database design, or they may work in data management. Furthermore, there is an element of technical support in IT where a professional may work directly with a client to help the client to resolve technical issues.

The UK Salary Survey 2013 shows detailed information that can assist a person in finding the most appropriate IT position for their personal needs and financial goals. The future for IT positions, based on the increasing salaries and increasing demand for these professionals means the potential for higher salaries and more job satisfaction.

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