23 September 2013 Comments Off on Six Amazing Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Web Development Efforts

Six Amazing Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Web Development Efforts

building a websiteAfter you make a website, you reach the point of sink or swim. Even though you have proven that you know how to create a website, what you do next will determine whether your efforts were worth the labor. Several key strategies can help you get the most of your web development efforts, and you should implement them from the time you come up with your website concept to the time that you are marketing. This will help to ensure that you are receiving the type of response you are looking for from your website. Here are the six best strategies you can use to make your web development efforts worth your while.

Come Up With a Domain Name that Will Increase Your Traffic

Search engine optimization is key to creating a web site that generates traffic. If you have a website about baseball cards, for instance, and you want to ensure that people typing “baseball cards” in a search engine are shown to your site, ensure your domain name includes the phrase. This will increase the probability that your site will show up in various search results.

Make Sure You Identify Your Keywords

When developing your website, you will have the opportunity to develop your keywords. Similar to choosing the right domain name, you want to ensure that the keywords included on your site reflect what your site is about. This will help to increase your visitors.

Search for Comparable Sites and Find Out What they Are Doing

By looking at comparable sites, you will be able to accomplish a couple tasks. First, you will be able to see if the sites are making money. If they have a few products or services that they are selling, and they have a high rank on Google, then the chances are they are making some sales. Take a look at what they are doing and see if you can emulate it.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Getting in on the social media environment is imperative to the success of any business. Once you establish an account for your website, start following companies that are similar to yours, or groups that you hope to target for business. Then start posting occasionally, and this will help you develop credibility in the industry.

Advertising Can be Cheap and Effective

There are two major ways to advertise online, and you only have to pay if someone clicks on your ad. These include Facebook and Google AdWords. These services will display ads to certain demographics, helping you to promote your business. The beautiful thing about it is that you only pay if someone visits your site – meaning you don’t need to have a huge advertising budget to draw in visitors.

Ensure You Create Call-to-Action Components

Ensuring you have call-to-action components on your page will help improve the chances of someone requesting your services. If you don’t have a button near the top of your home page that says “Free Quote,” or something along those lines, it will be easier for people to navigate away from your site. A strong call to action will entice people to buy.

Building a webpage can be a long and arduous process, but if you don’t place the proper functions in your site at the right time, you won’t likely have a hit. This could create many hours of work for nothing. However, if you put into place these various components, you could have a website that makes you millions of dollars.

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