18 May 2012 Comments Off on Starting a Successful Company Store

Starting a Successful Company Store

If you’re running a business that sells any sort of product, you should invest in starting an online store. You could have some success through online methods; however, there’s a limit to that success, making establishing an online store an inevitability rather than an option. The old way of operating a brick-and-mortar location doesn’t work anymore. Physical locations have a tremendous expense associated with them in the form of rent, employee salaries, loss prevention, and other similar expenditures. A combination of an online store and physical stores could work in the long run. You will have more success with your online store due to the convenience it will provide to your customers. Nobody wants to have to get in their car and go somewhere, especially with the prices we have to pay at the pump these days. They want to sit behind a computer and order whatever they want without having to leave the comfort of their office chairs. It’s ideal to have physical locations as part of your business model, but they have to be located near your customers. Returning an item to a physical store is a lot easier than mailing it back to an internet company.

Most web hosting services offer additional ecommerce options. There are even companies that are devoted entirely to ecommerce. They will setup and design your store for you or provide you with the tools for you to do it yourself. While your store might not resemble some of the major players in the ecommerce industry right out of the gate, you have a better chance of breaking through than ever before. You must develop a strong web presence before you move into the ecommerce world though. Nobody is going to shop at your store if they don’t know who you are. Pick a business model that’s different than your competitors or offer products that most people want that are usually unavailable on the internet. If you find a niche that’s not being address, you have the potential to become a big success in a short amount of time. The business isn’t with generic ecommerce destinations like Amazon. They have cornered the market in their particular genre and you have a very remote chance of capturing any of the market share.

You could start an Amazon-like store, but it has to have a different identity than them and offer things that they don’t. When shopping on Amazon, you will notice that you have to pay high shipping costs for most items, even when the cost of the item itself is just a penny. Some stores have realized this fact and eliminated any shipping charges whatsoever; however, in an effort to offset the costs associated with wiping out shipping, they have reduced the amount of items you could get for bargain basement prices. You might not be able to find success with offering penny items with no shipping, but you could have a shot if you use them as a means to direct people to the higher priced items. You won’t have a hard time finding a service that’s willing to set up your store for you. They’re all over the place and charge very modest one-time or monthly fees.

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