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Tips for Expanding Your Business

Before you opened the doors of your new business you did lots of work studying the market, looking at trends, and planning.  Now that you’ve opened the doors growing your business is an everyday question.  It’s time again to do some research, look at the options, and consider the different ways that you can market your business and gain more exposure.

Here are a few important tips and idea for expanding your business:

  • Word of mouth.  Nothing helps a business grown better and more solidly than good feedback from customers and through their referrals.  If you provide a quality service for a fair price your customers will tell their friends and family and recommend your company.
  • Streamline your office.  Using inventory management software as well as other programs available on the market today you can simplify the ordering, tracking, invoicing, and accounting aspects of your business to allow you more time to produce more products or spend on marketing.  Look for ways to save on costs from your suppliers, overhead, or even shipping.  Then apply the additional funds saved towards your marketing plan.
  • Improve your exposure.  In today’s world of social networking it’s almost a must to establish a presence for your business.  Popular sites to begin with include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Creating a presence in the social network allows you not only to reach current customers but all of their friends and family as well.  Social media will also allow you additional advertising options as well.
  • Establish a business website.  The better looking and informative your website the more clients you will be able to pull in.  If you offer a product that can be sold online make sure that is available from your website as well.
  • Join your local chamber of commerce.  Business to business networking is a great way to expand your visibility and in turn your business.  As a member of the chamber you will also build relationships with other CEOs who will have ideas you can use to build your business as well.
  • If you have the clientele for it, or have a specialty market, consider opening a second location.  If you’re finding business is booming at one location a second may be worth the increased investment.
  • Consider an advertising campaign.  Whether a direct mail flyer or social media generated advertising this can be a great way to increase visibility and introduce your company to new potential customers.

Whatever avenue you choose to follow in increasing your business exposure; do the research ahead of time.  Also, have a plan for how to proceed as your business begins to expand as a result of all of the exposure it receives.




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